How Much Influence Does Google Have on the U.S. Government?

google undue political influence over ftc

The heat is on at Google lately. A recent Buzzfeed article shows how “Google Gets Things Done in Washington”. And Scott Cleland offers up some analysis of how Google is using persuasion tactics combined with close ties to make the FTC their puppet. Here’s the email from Buzzfeed:

Data Shows Google Increased Its Local Listings 20-30%

moz local pack visibility

Multiple data points show that Google has increased the visibility of its local listings by 20-30% and its local one box by ~10-20%. It will be interesting to see if this sticks, for how long, and if they dial it up more. For pages that were displaced, that’s a significant drop of 7 spots. And […]

The Google Algo Sandwich

The Google Algo Sandwich

There appears to be a lot of movement with Google search results the last month. Based on all the chatter, Google has been busy in the kitchen cooking up one now it appears to be a common item on the menu: The Google Algo Sandwich. Google has different types of sandwiches, but the most recent […]